The Value of a Personalized Roadmap to Success

Aduro’s Roadmap to Success is the first step in achieving the personalization that employees need from their well-being program. The Roadmap helps ignite intrinsic motivation and, when combined with extrinsic rewards, will propel your employees to become the best version of themselves. Healthy, inspired, and engaged employees help companies thrive and succeed.  And it all starts with that first step. But what exactly makes the Aduro Roadmap to Success so essential to your company’s journey?


The success of an organization begins with the success of each employee. But how do we define success? It may have a unique meaning for each individual. To answer this question, we ask each participant for their motivating factors, their personal “why.” At Aduro, we value one’s “why” above all else, because we know that is what truly drives someone to achieve great things. Personalization is so essential that, according to research by the Harvard Business Review, 75 percent of participants in their company’s well-being program voiced a need to incorporate a more customized approach.

To help people find their “why,” Aduro created the Roadmap to Success. Offered as the first step into one’s Human Performance experience, the Roadmap to Success allows participants to reflect on what they seek to accomplish, create a vision statement, and set a goal. Participants then have the opportunity to visualize the positive outcomes that might come from meeting that goal, as well as to identify any potential barriers and systems of support to overcome them. But our journey with participants doesn’t end there. We schedule Roadmap Checkpoints throughout the year, to help your people stay focused on their goals, motivate them with digital coaching, and provide them with support and resources along the way.

Each Roadmap to Success provides us with invaluable insight into an individuals real interests and needs and allows us to reach into the lives of our participants in an authentic and relatable way.

Building Intrinsic Motivation

Workplace well-being programs are the perfect example of an initiative that should be intrinsically motivating. Who doesn’t want to be happy, healthy, and free from disease? However, as many HR professionals can attest, that isn’t always reflected in program engagement.

Personalization builds intrinsic motivation, and the Roadmap to Success has taught us just how motivated people are by programs personalized to their goals. So far, more than 42,000 people have completed Aduro’s proprietary Roadmap to Success — and 79 percent of respondents report being satisfied with the experience.

Whole Employees = Whole Organization

Setting goals based on participants’ personal “why” allows us to look beyond their health and fitness and toward the many aspects of their lives that influence their well-being. That’s why Aduro’s programs are built with a holistic approach, factoring in these four key elements: Health & Fitness, Money & Prosperity, Growth & Development, and Contribution & Sustainability. The Roadmap to Success helps each employee work on strengthening each element but gives them opportunities to choose their unique journey. We know workforces can vary greatly depending on organization type, location, and tasks being performed. Aduro conducted a study of 35,000 respondents asking them which of the four key elements they wanted to focus on. The results? 51% chose something other than health and fitness as their target. If you don’t have a well-being program that is able to expand beyond health and fitness, you’re missing out on 51% of your total population.

Set up for Success

The Roadmap to Success is an essential first step in each person’s Human Performance journey, providing a launching pad for sustained engagement and positive change. By allowing participants to steer their own ships, they’ll be more invested in reaching the end destination. This sets up your employees, and your organization, for growth, health, and success.

Where might our Roadmap take your company? Learn more with a demo of our product and services.