Sparks 1.3 Release

Our mission at ADURO is to continue to elevate and create the ultimate experience for our participants. We always look into ways we can innovate and take our products and interface to the next level. Coming Monday, November 12, we are proud and excited to be releasing an update to Sparks (ADURO app v.1.3).

Sparks is our smart notification tool we use to publish content and send notifications to our participants to highlight missed action items, upcoming events, new challenges/paths and other important information for participants. This version has two main functions – manual and automated delivery of messages. Manual messages will be created and delivered through the AMP backend while automated messages will be delivered based off of user behavior. In addition to Sparks, end users will see a makeover to their inbox and added functionality for organizing and managing messages.

For ADURO program participants, download the new version of the ADURO app by visiting the app store today!

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