Spotlight on the EA: A leader in workplace wellness

When The Employers’ Association (The EA) considers workplace well-being programs for the employers it serves in Ohio, the organization seeks cutting-edge solutions that offer flexibility and advanced capabilities.

ADURO’s technology and powerful Human Performance programs were a perfect fit — and the company’s culture of well-being played a big part, too.

“It’s really exciting to see all the things ADURO does internally with its own employees; these workplace benefits are things we want our employer groups to understand,” said Jennifer Kiernan, Director, EA Wellness. “The environment in which ADURO employees engage with healthy programs while at work is something we want to model and take out into the market.”

The EA is focused on helping its partners create healthier workplaces because it’s a way to help employees become happier and more productive — and that also moves the needle when it comes to healthcare costs. “We’re really trying to work to engage employers to drive costs down through consumer education and awareness, Kiernan said.”

Well-being is a particularly important issue for the millennial generation, Kiernan said.

“Seeing the needs of millennials, it’s not just about nutrition and fitness. It’s really understanding that well-being should be integrated into the culture and their everyday lives.”

Kiernan says ADURO goes above and beyond to help accomplish The EA’s goals.

“The people at ADURO really stand out, and they have shown us that you can make almost anything work if you have people willing and open to make it work,” she said. “If you enjoy the partners you work with, you’ll go that extra mile, and we’ve seen that with their platforms, dashboard and more. ADURO is really bringing as much as they can to the table to help us as a reseller provide the most comprehensive suite of services.”