Shaping Leadership for a Workplace Focused on Human Performance

HR departments shape workplace culture for their companies. Through hiring, policy creation, and daily operations, HR managers set the standard for employees’ professional performance and personal well-being. To empower employees to be their best, employee wellness programs must be driven by example through the C-suite. Executives set the tone, drive culture and allocate resources behind what they feel is a business imperative. Continue reading to learn how to shift leadership into a Human Performance-driven lifestyle to create a culture of resilience and happier, healthier employees.

Strong Leaders Make Time for Health

A large amount of research, such as this study by the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), demonstrates that healthy individuals find more professional success, fall ill less, and are more productive than those who don’t prioritize their health. While many people want to see that type of success, few reach their lasting lifestyle change goals. Unsupportive environments are the primary deterrent to habit change. Fortunately, HR managers can create a supportive change environment for Human Performance with the help of leadership. To create a lasting movement in your workplace, relay to leaders just how crucial it is for them to champion a healthy lifestyle.

Encourage leadership to make time for health and fitness

Leaders like results. In this study of leaders who prioritize health in their day-to-day, we learn that these individuals scored higher on both the Executive Success Profile® and the Campbell Leadership Index™. We recommend providing leader-specific training and coaching to help get at the heart of why healthy habits are a struggle for some individuals. Aduro’s Human Performance Coaches specialize in discovering the ‘Why’ with their coaching clients – and regularly work with the leaders of the organizations we serve. Learn more here.

  • Follow the Leader: Media Mogul Gary Vaynerchuk offers a concise explanation of how he prioritized his health, and his company followed suit.

Strong Leaders Establish Financial Health

Studies show that the more financial stress an individual is under, the more likely that their well-being is compromised. In this survey from the American Psychology Association, money and finances have remained the top stressor since 2007. Furthermore, the survey shows that stress related to financial issues could significantly impact Americans’ health and well-being.

Help leadership boost financial health

Leaders like improving their business without blowing the budget. Encourage them to teach employees monetary stability to increase retention rates and workplace morale while decreasing employee stress. Learn more from a financial advisor from Ameritrade and one of Aduro’s financial coaches in our Money & Prosperity discussion here.

  • Follow the Leader: Maverick’s owner and philanthropist, Mark Cuban, is an advocate for conservative money practices to focus on the opportunities you want in life.

Strong Leaders Invest in Professional Development

Do you know the number one reason people leave their jobs? Spoiler: It isn’t money. People most commonly leave due to a lack of career opportunities at their company.

People who don’t feel positive about themselves or their lives don’t do extraordinary things. People who feel good about their lives do great things for themselves and their employers.”

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Demonstrate the value of investing in professional development

With workplace stress costing an estimated 550 million workdays and $500 billion per year, building individual resilience can significantly impact an organization. Keep a library of books on personal development, provide a stress-management option, and create opportunities to assist employees’ personal and professional goals in their evaluations. Aduro provides compensation for professional training seminars and regular check-ins with management to tailor each person’s job responsibilities to their skills and interests.

  • Follow the Leader: Aduro co-founders Dr. Darren White and Dr. Toni Best harvest a strong employee growth culture through coaching, easy-to-access development workshops, and internal programs.

Convince your Leadership to Broaden their Scope

Leaders want to create a legacy. Cultivate a culture of sustainability by donating a dollar amount to organizations for every hour employees volunteer. Did we mention that 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer gift-matching programs?

  • Follow the leader: Hannah Hislop is at the forefront of corporate sustainability committing Unilever to have 100% recyclable plastic by 2025.

Learn more about our Human Performance approach for building strong leaders at your organization.