Mental Health, 365 days a year, 24/7

In May, we highlight mental health awareness, but we also acknowledge that this is much more than a month-long initiative – this must be a daily effort for mental health improvement, 365 days of the year.

Whether someone is healthy or not, there are always opportunities to be proactive to maintain good health. There is no better time than now to start prioritizing the mental and emotional well-being of your employees.

Aduro has the support and resources needed as part of our Integrated Mental Health services. Watch this video to understand how Aduro’s services can drive the mental health improvement of your employees.

Mental Health Improvement for Everyone

Learn how Aduro’s Integrated Mental Health Solution can provide the support your employees need.

Take Care of Yourself to Better Support Others

While Aduro’s program will provide a full range of emotional well-being support, here are steps you can take today to support your mental health improvement.

  1. Level-set — Struggles are not a personal failing nor something that only certain people have to worry about. We ALL have mental health, and just like physical health – it takes work to maintain. 
  2. Be Proactive — It takes 11 years from the first sign of struggle to when someone connects with support1 – think of all of the missed opportunities! There is no better time than now to prioritize mental health.
  3. Show Compassion to Yourself and Others — As you move forward, remember to be kind to yourself. When you’re self-compassionate, you allow yourself the space to learn and grow. Practicing can come in many forms, including reframing negative self-talk or reaching out for encouragement from those around you. Lead with compassion when supporting others. 

    Support can be as simple as being present, listening, and creating a safe space for others to share their concerns without facing judgment. 
  4. Stay Connected — Meaningful connection is a foundational human need and is known to have a long-term impact on our well-being. 

    Meaningful connection often comes with feeling heard, understood, and cared for. Whether it be with your partner, friend, co-worker, a Coach or therapist, or someone else in your life, identify ways that you can connect more deeply.  
  5. Add to Your Toolkit — Take time to understand mental health resources offered through your employer and local and national resources.   
  6. Set Your Eyes on the Path Ahead — Evaluate the options in your toolkit. What is one step you can take now? Examples include adopting tools to build resilience, finding opportunities to stay connected with others, implementing stress management techniques, or seeking a Mental Health Coach or mental health professional. No matter the state of our mental health, there are things that each of us can do to promote it further.

To continue supporting your employees’ emotional and physical wellness, check out this 5-part series from our Human Performance Coaches focused on the building blocks of well-being.

Source: 1)National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 2004