A Day WITH Women, working toward equality for all

Guest post by Dr. Toni Best, ADURO Co-founder and Chief People Officer

When Darren, Mark, Ted and I founded ADURO more than a decade ago, we knew that we wanted to empower it’s growing team with opportunities to speak their mind and reach their own personal and professional goals. For me, it’s personally important to continue to foster that culture of diversity, inclusion, support, and deliberate development.

From our coaching team to our WellMetrics team to our product team and beyond, 59% of ADURO’s Ninjas and 63% of our team leaders are women. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to support each other both inside and outside ADURO’s walls. That support reaches both women and men, and I’m very grateful for the community we’ve built that gives all people the freedom to share their views, bring their verve to work and life each day and fulfill their dreams.

In light of the importance of this year’s International Women’s Day, we asked our ADURO Ninjas how they wanted to participate and have their voices heard. We resoundingly heard that they felt conflicted. On one hand, they wanted to support the movement by not going to work. But the stronger pull was that they loved their job and felt supported by ADURO so much that they wanted to be in the office on this day and still show their support while doing so. (I promise, we didn’t pay them to say that.)

So instead of a day without women, we want to focus on what a day with women brings to the table. We are wearing red to support females around the world who are marginalized and seen as unequal in the eyes of their counterparts. We long and strive for a day when equity, justice and human rights for all are realized around the world. We stand strong with our community in listening to how we can help by supporting both women and men reach their personal and professional goals to own their moment.

Also, as a quick side note, Darren wanted to celebrate ADURO’s awesome women by giving us all roses this morning. We felt appreciated!