New Transformational Learning Content Expands ADURO’s Programs

ADURO Acquires New Innovation and Information to Help Everyday Lifestyle Changes

In order to reach out goals, big or small, it is important to have information that is easy to access and relevant to our daily lives. As we begin 2017, all of us at ADURO have been evaluating how we can better provide resources for our Human Performance programs so participants are learning with personalized, actionable guidance to succeed.

To expand our programs, ADURO acquired Chrysallis, the world’s first transformational learning content hub. This will amplify individuals and companies’ ability to build micro-skills by turning guidance from leading science into everyday, actionable lifestyle changes.

 What is Chrysallis?

Chrysllis was founded by behavior change expert Robb Smith. For the past five years, Robb and his team have compiled the largest human development library in the world, with hundreds of practices across more than 50 topics and dozens of scientific disciplines. This large library and forward-thinking technology, paired with ADURO’s unique programs and personalized coaching for corporate and healthcare clients will deliver personalized, actionable guidance for ADURO clients.

Why this is important?

It’s a simple equation: Individuals + data relevant to their lives = successful transformational lifestyle change.

ADURO’s highly developed programs and personalized coaching coupled with this vast library and predictive technology has the opportunity to help anyone reach their goals. Our corporate and healthcare clients will have access to the latest technology and information at their fingertips.

From ADURO CEO Darren White:

Human development programs are rapidly evolving to help people and companies live their best life and reach their personal and professional goals. We’re excited to work with Robb to bring Chrysallis’s knowledge and expertise into the hands of millions of ADURO program participants. Chrysallis’s library and ability to serve predictive content to people when they need it the most will greatly accelerate our mission to improve lives.

Read more about this exciting announcement in our press release. Have a question about Human Performance? Leave it in the comments below.