Aduro Joins Shine at the Harvard School of Public Health to Promote Human Flourishing

New Flourishing Index to apply SHINE research to the workplace, enabling companies to promote flourishing and improve performance

San Diego, CA (March 19, 2019) – Aduro announced today from the Conference Board’s Employee Healthcare Conference in San Diego its membership in the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE) at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to support innovative well-being research that advances human flourishing in life and at work. Aduro is introducing a new index, based on SHINE’s research about human well-being and flourishing, with the goal of continuously measuring employees’ and organizations’ total well-being and using real-time data to deliver personalized recommendations and interventions that encourage behavior transformation and improve lives.

SHINE at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is the leading network connecting corporate leadership with academic research to advance workforce health and performance worldwide. A membership initiative, SHINE is committed to conducting applied research to understand how the workplace environment and culture affect workforce well-being and business outcomes. The research program’s goal is to discover the connections between what employees do at work and how they regard their well-being and the organizational culture, as well as to understand the linkages between mental, physical, and psychosocial health, and performance at work.

We are thrilled to welcome new SHINE member Aduro into our growing community of thought leaders who are advancing the research and changing the conversation about well-being. Aduro fits perfectly in this community of pioneering companies rethinking well-being for a thriving and sustainable future.

Dr. Eileen McNeely, Director of SHINE

The Flourishing Index is designed to help organizations better understand, predict and influence behavior. Using the aggregation of both active and passive data, organizations can drive individual and population-level strategies for improving well-being.  By understanding which of Aduro’s intervention paths can improve a specific area, Aduro can customize interventions to drive improved performance that will be measurable.

“Aduro is leading the industry in moving toward a more holistic approach to well-being,” said Renee Petrie, VP Healthcare Product Strategy at Aduro. “Aduro is continuing to shift the conversation from a focus on health risk to the promotion of flourishing. ADURO has incorporated SHINE research on human flourishing into its data-driven human performance approach, which empowers organizations to leverage real-time assessment and deliver interventions that build flourishing workforces.”

SHINE has been studying human flourishing in collaboration with Dr. Tyler VanderWeele, Director of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University. VanderWeele’s model of human flourishing is based around six central domains that are universally desired: happiness and life satisfaction, mental and physical health, meaning and purpose, character and virtue, close social relationships and financial and material stability. Aduro will apply this research in today’s work environment, so companies can measure, evaluate and improve workforce well-being and business performance.

SHINE has done great research around how these various flourishing measurements impact job attributes, such as absenteeism, job engagement, and quality of work. The flourishing measurements will enable us to identify the areas where individuals feel they need the most support and offer interventions that will drive the largest improvements, and in turn enhance overall team performance.

Dr. Tim Moore, Chief Medical Officer at Aduro

About SHINE at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

The Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE) unites academic research with business innovation to advance workforce well-being and promote human flourishing throughout the world.  SHINE creates a research agenda and works with corporate leadership to define and develop the evidence for scalable solutions to healthy, sustainable change in business. This pioneering research translates into powerful tools and methods that innovate and unite corporate responsibility, sustainability and well-being practices so that individuals and companies can thrive.

About Aduro

Aduro is the leading human performance company, partnering with organizations to provide their people with tools that help them realize what is possible in their lives. Using a science-based human performance approach and a digital platform, Aduro delivers a connected native experience that combines personalized content with human connection. Aduro supports the whole person across all transformational areas of life: health, finance, sustainability and personal growth, while building resilience in individuals and communities. As a result, Aduro has helped more than 1.5 million people Be Great at Anything™.

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