Aduro® Launches COVID-19 Screening App For Employers

Supporting Employees and Visitors Safety Nationwide

REDMOND, Wash., June 18, 2020 / PRNewswire/ — Aduro®, the leader at the intersection of employee well-being and performance, announced today a COVID-19 screening app for the remote monitoring of symptoms as well as onsite health screening of employees and visitors. Employers now have one connected, regulatory-compliant app and service for all locations across North America. This solution is specifically designed to support companies in the “not ready” and “safe” stages of the Aduro Work Readiness ModelTM.

“Leveraging our advanced technology and health screening experience, our team quickly adapted and created an innovative Return-to-Work solution for organizations that is now being used to screen 100,000 people daily across 20 different locations.”

Renee Petrie, Chief Product Officer, Aduro

“Our COVID-19 screening app maintains administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect the confidentiality and integrity of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), a key component of our existing technical and administrative infrastructure, while also utilizing our expertise to ensure appropriate administrative reporting is available to meet current, and potential, regulatory expectations around contact tracing.”

Companies are now utilizing the Aduro COVID-19 screening app to ensure the health, safety, and OSHA compliance of its workforce. The process starts with remote workers answering a daily health questionnaire on their mobile phone at home. The questionnaire results in a “cleared” or “not cleared” outcome. If the worker is cleared, they proceed to the workplace where they confirm check-in by scanning a QR code. New visitors can easily register to enter the workplace with their phone, answer the brief health questionnaire and proceed based on clearance. Workers who are not cleared are sent home or to medical care resources based on client-set protocol. Site management has quick access to reporting of worker status and easy validation for OSHA inspectors.

In April, Aduro launched a daily temperature screening and health administration service as phase one of helping employees and customers feel safe. The service provides professional screeners on-site and a health concierge to consult, triage, and implement safety protocols. The new COVID-19 screening app is designed to work in conjunction with Aduro’s service or may use as a stand-alone solution. It is ideally suited for midsize and enterprise organizations seeking to effectively screen and monitor for COVID-19 outbreaks across multiple worksites and locations.

In May, Aduro announced a step-by-step Work Readiness Model™ and a simple COVID-19 return-to-work plan to support company decisions about safely reopening. Our Return-to-Work Handbook is based on the Aduro Work Readiness Model™, a holistic framework that enhances and accelerates individual, team, and company performance by focusing on a comprehensive approach to employee well-being. Reopening is complicated. Let Aduro help provide clarity in this confusing time.

Discover how Aduro’s 5-phase Work Readiness Model™ can support your return-to-work planning

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