Meet the New ADURO Ninjas!

This year has kicked off to an amazing start with the launch of Sleep Mode, a webinar about how to use video effectively to engage employees and many new programs and features to come this Spring. Our program offerings are not the only new things around the office. Since January, we’ve added eight new employee “ninjas” to the team, bringing an exciting variety of new skills to the table. Yes, they are called ninjas – we’re not joking, and they have some serious skills. Get to know our newest ADURO ninjas below.
ADURO was honored to be named a Fastest Growing Company by Inc. magazine last year, and are continuing to grow this year with over ten new opportunities currently available. If great company culture surrounded by hard-working, inspired people sounds like your ideal workplace, learn more about our open positions. Join us!

Amy Kugler

Director of Content Marketing

About Amy: From Kansas to Louisiana to Washington, DC, I bring my experiences around the
work to the Pacific Northwest to call it home. I’m jazzed to serve up great content and help
others be their best. When I’m not at ADURO, I’m hiking with my pup Cosmo and hubby Dave.

Go-to dance move: The Carlton! You know you love the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

If I could be great at anything I’d…train to hike Mount Kilimajaro.

Ed Chang

Senior Product Manager
About Ed: Born and raised in SoCal but I love living in the Pacific NW. It’s awesome to be surrounded by nature! Love building products that have impact on real people and hopefully transform their lives for the better. I take pride in transforming complex ideas into actionable

Go-to dance move: The Carlton

If I could be great at anything I’d…be a pro basketball player.

Nikki Tetreault

Digital Marketing Manager

About Nikki: I’m a native Vermonter turned Seattleite with a penchant for craft IPAs, fantasy books and sports. Digital marketing and social philosophy are my bread and butter.

Go-to dance move: The Nay-Nay

If I could be great at anything…I would be a gourmet chef of delicious farm fresh food.

Atalie Ferring

Onsite Human Performance Coach & Program Concierge

About Atalie: I’m a born and raised Iowan and still live and work here! I work as a health and human performance coach for ADURO and spent the last two years as a health coach on a research study. I love to travel and lived in Ethiopia for a summer. I absolutely love kids and am planning to foster/adopt at some point in the future.

Go-to dance move: The worm
If I could be great at anything I’d…be acting and winning an Oscar for it or some type of sports and winning and Olympic Gold medal.

Catherine Sherwood

Account Manager

About Catherine: My name is Catherine Sherwood and I grew up in the Seattle area, though I spent short residences in New York and SanDiego, and I haven’t rusted yet. I am a live music fan, an indoor cycling addict, and a lifelong equestrienne, though at the moment I spend more time riding a spin bike than a horse.

Go-to dance move: The Carlton

If I could be great at anything…I’d be an equestrienne.

Sarah Hathaway

Account Manager

About Sarah: I am a World Traveler! I recently took a year off to travel the world solo and am passionate about inspiring others to experience other cultures and new environments.

Go-to dance move: The Robot or the Elaine depending on the mood.

If I could be great at anything…I’d be multilingual! I’d love to be fluent in Spanish and live in a Spanish speaking country for a significant period of time.

Rebecca Anderson

Event Manager
About Rebecca: I graduated from WWU in 2011. Go Vikings!!
I have a Pomeranian Chihuahua named Ginger and a Kitten name Dezba.

Go-to dance move: My go-to dance move is an extremely pathetic shimmy
If I could be great at anything…I would be great at cooking without a recipe.

Keenan Trujillo

Program Concierge

About Keenan: Hello! My name is Keenan Trujillo. I am a huge movie buff who enjoys relaxing and having great times with friends and family.

Go-to dance move: My go to dance move is typically an uninspired sway.
If I could be great at anything I’d… be a pro at golf.