Pulsing Participants with Heartbeat

ADURO releases a new survey tool

ADURO is pleased to announce the release of our new survey tool, Heartbeat™.  This new capability is used to gather participant feedback through the ADURO app as well as on the web. Survey data is collected in the ADURO data platform which is leveraged for targeting and incentivizing. A new design-forward interface along with intuitive survey workflow will be a welcome change for participants.

Key Features:

  • Micro surveying features (one question at a time)
  • Increased data quality
  • An enhanced user experience
  • HIPAA compliant

Heartbeat provides a cohesive user experience across ADURO mobile and web. Using smarter technology, employers can better know how and when to reach participants of their ADURO programs. It will eventually help drive how we report changes in behavior across a population.

Jason Luu, ADURO Senior Product Manager

How is Heartbeat different than previous ADURO surveys?

  • The new interface is completely redesigned, and the experience is seamless across the ADURO’s mobile app and web platform.
  • Heartbeat allows ADURO to control data quality as well as the timing of when we ask participants for information.

ADURO’s micro-surveying capabilities enables a focus on asking relevant questions at relevant times in Human Performance Paths.

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