The Pulse of Your Company

Staying in tune with your employees using technology

The most constant thing at a growing company is change—from the coffee selection to feedback from your employees, it’s hard to assess something that never stops changing. With workplaces getting more diverse, how do you ensure effective communication with each employee? And furthermore, why is it so important to stay in tune with them?

In a study by Gallup, only 17% of workers agree that they have open communication at their company and only 27% feel the feedback they currently receive helps them work better.

These results speak to the never-ending flow of communication today that has increased the expectations on how we interact with one another and give/receive feedback in the workplace. Feedback is needed more frequently and quickly to help employees understand expectations and help them perform at their best. These insights are also imperative for employers to gather information on how to boost the organization’s performance. With the shift in communication needs, leaders need solutions to keep up with their employees and create the pulse of their company.

Pulse Surveys

A great tool to help people stay on the same page are pulse surveys. They have become an extremely effective and popular communication tool for companies that want to gather invaluable data. According to a Gallup study, pulsing data is useful for organizations to:

Recalibrate– Insights from employees on the actions and priorities of the company can help leadership reassess and achieve optimal performance.

Diagnose– Pulse surveys help identify holes in company strategies and areas where training and support may be necessary.

Monitor– Receiving consistent feedback is a great tool for monitoring your employees KPI’s and understanding their frame of mind and engagement toward their work.

Create Momentum– Meetings gain focus and relevancy as well as help leaders to address issues real time.

Best practices of utilizing pulse surveys include pulsing the most relevant and interesting questions, expressing the purpose to employees prior to sending out, considering the appropriate time to send based on company initiatives, and using pulsing tools as a support to verbal communication (not a replacement).

At ADURO, we believe in using data as a tool to gain a ‘pulse’ of what our participants are most interested in as well as what will ultimately help them make positive life changes. Through our proprietary survey technology, Heartbeat™, we gather feedback through the ADURO app as well as the web to develop targeted activities to really push our participants to make lasting changes.

To learn more about Heartbeat and understand the experience, click here.