Work Readiness Model – Stage 2 – Safe

To help executive management teams create a plan for when and how to allow employees, visitors, and service partners back in the workplace, we created Aduro’s Work Readiness Model™. Our model is a holistic framework that enhances and accelerates individual, team, and company performance by focusing on a comprehensive approach to employee well-being.

Stage Two: Safe

Based on your company’s risk tolerance and the triggers that have been established to mark the advance or retreat to a new stage (see Aduro’s Work Readiness Handbook for help defining your triggers), employees will eventually begin to return to physical locations. Most companies should consider allowing employees to return to work in stages, starting with those jobs that are most essential to the physical operations of the business. During the second stage of work readiness, companies must implement baseline safety protocols to ensure that only healthy people enter the office.

The goal of stage two is to ensure employee and visitor safety by implementing standard work-readiness protocols.

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