Work Readiness Model – Stage 4 – Engaged

To help executive management teams create a plan for when and how to allow employees, visitors, and service partners back in the workplace, we created Aduro’s Work Readiness Model™. Our model is a holistic framework that enhances and accelerates individual, team, and company performance by focusing on a comprehensive approach to employee well-being.

Stage Four: Engaged

No company should ever lose its focus on the safety and well- being of its employees. At some point in the future, either COVID-19 will be behind us or we will have made the difficult decision to cope with a new reality where we have to “coexist” with the virus. Whether that looks like a return to normal or the settling in of a “new normal” is difficult to predict. Regardless, in Stage 4, companies will need to bring performance into focus alongside safety and well- being. After all, when individuals, teams, and companies are not performing, they put jobs (and the broader economy) at greater risk.

The goal of stage four is to return to pre-COVID-19 levels of individual, team, and company performance.

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