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Human Performance

Start maximizing Human Performance with ADURO. A new approach that helps individuals and organizations realize their potential in every key area.

Executive Summary - Flourishing

A new (and more human) way to measure the total well-being of your employees based on research from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Prevent Burnout: Resilience

What you can do to not only prevent burn out, but how to support your employees in discovering their “resilience muscle”.

ADURO Solutions

Download our one-pager to learn what products ADURO offers as part of our Human Performance solution.

Outcomes Report

Download our outcomes report showcasing our client who saw a shift in health risk and culture as a result of Revive®.

Value On Investment Report

When you invest in a well-being program, you expect to see a return. Download our whitepaper to find out ADURO’s VOI, based on Forrester Research’s analysis.

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Be Great at Anything

Listen as your colleges at The Conference Board’s Annual Employee Healthcare Conference discuss what they want to be great at.

Case Study: Mercy Health

Mercy Health needed a program that would go beyond “wellness” to address the needs of the whole person and intergrate well-being into the traditional care path.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Dr. Darren White, and Kathy Farmer discuss how, through the live wellth program, Levi Strauss & Co. focuses on the whole person, not just physical health.

Case Study: Port of Seattle

The Port of Seattle has created a successful well-being program that responds to growth while accounting for what is meaningful and relevant to their culture and employees.

Upcoming Webinar

Support the Mental Health of Your Employees

When you emphasize humanity in the workplace, empower managers and peers to talk about mental health, and create a supportive culture, your employees have the opportunity to flourish in the workplace and beyond. What are you offering your employees to support them?
Join us for a panel discussion about strategies your organization can utilize to better support the mental health of your employees.

Live Panel Discussion: Wednesday, February 19 – 11am PST | 2pm EST
Duration: 1 hour (45 min. + Q&A)

Watch our Past Webinars

October 2019

Create a Well-being Brand that Supports your Culture

Learn best practicies when building a culturally-intentional well-being program through strategy, goals, and a cohesive well-being brand..

August 2019

Wellmetrics: Beyond Biometric Screenings

Discover how our biometric screening options not only support your diverse population, but also drive engagement in your full well-being program and supports lasting positive change.

June 2019

Flourishing: A New Way to Measure Employee Well-being

Learn the newest approach in well-being measurement with the validated flourishing measures from SHINE at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

September 2018

Your Employees are ready to Burn Out: Resilience

This isn’t just another discussion about resilience. It’s a game plan to help your people thrive in a changing world—and help your organization thrive, too.

June 2018

Move Beyond ROI to show true value

Hear Dean Davison, from Forrester, discuss a proven evaluation model that clearly measures value along with financial impact for two ADURO clients.

April 2019

Human Performance Series: Featured Path Get Moving

Hear insights from the data behind our six-week coaching paths to answer the question, ‘how do you get your sedentary population moving?’.

April 2018

ADURO’s Healthcare Strategy

Hear Renee Petrie, VP of Healthcare, discuss how we are helping our healthcare practice employers expand and enhance their population management strategy.

December 2018

ADURO’s Blood Pressure Guidelines

Hear from Dr. Tim Moore, CMO, and Renee Petrie, VP-Healthcare about the new blood pressure classification and how ADURO is adapting to meet these guidelines.

May 2018

Your Population, Your Choice: Revive

Combining unique human interactions with an agile mobile application offers a targeted and personalized approach to type 2 diabetes prevention.

December 2018

Innovations in Healthcare for 2019

Join us for a 30-minute presentation about ADURO’s healthcare strategy and a discussion about how we’re revolutionizing the healthcare space – for the organization, employees and patients.

January 2018

The Power of Intrinsic Motivation

Why do we do the things we do? What drives our behaviors? Can we move away from relying on monetary rewards? Hear from Dr. Toni Best, ADURO CHPO, and Dr. Laura Hamill, Limeade CPO, in this SHRM webinar replay.