Mental Health Awareness Month Resources

When it comes to mental health in the workplace – the need is critical and urgent. Mental Health Awareness Month reminds us to focus on supporting employee mental health as teams adjust to new work environments whether remote or in the office.

Explore the resources below to support your employee’s mental health.

How Positive Psychology Strengthens Your Workforce

Over the past year, there have been many changes we’ve all experienced, and our social feeds have primarily focused on the negative aspects. This session shifts the conversation to the positive side of 2020 and into 2021.

Janssen Judge, an expert in positive psychology and transformative coaching, shares how she’s seen many grow and improve over the past year, despite the global pandemic. Dr. Toni Best, Aduro’s founder and Chief Human Performance Officer, also offers her guidance on how leaders of organizations can use simple mindfulness and gratitude practices to create a shift in mindset. They discuss how to take team members from fear and isolation to openness and connection.

Meet the Speakers

Janssen Judge
MS, PCC, NBC-HWC, Aduro Human Performance Coach, Content Editor

Dr. Toni Best

Dr. Toni Best
DC, CIC, Chief Human Performance Officer, founder at Aduro

About Aduro’s Integrated Mental Health Solution

Like physical health, every person has mental health, and for most people, our state of mental health ebbs and flows. A critical factor to mental health in the workplace is having trained experts supporting your employees through their well-being program.

Your employees can have access to interactive digital content, national board-certified Health & Wellness Coaches, and when needed, facilitate referral to your EAP and additional mental health services.

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Employee Mental Health and Well-being Resources

scripts for mental health conversations at work

A Guide to Mental Health Promotion in the Workplace

Learn strategies to build mental health awareness for your employees to reduce stigma and foster a positive culture…

employee engagement and reframing

Helping Your Employees Challenge Unhealthy Thoughts

We lead busy lives. Many thoughts are happening fast, often too many, for our brain to properly process and manage. We have to make it easier on our brain – so we form habits or patterns of thoughts…

leadership training for mental health

Shaping Leadership for a Workplace Focused on Human Performance

Tips to build stronger leaders in the workplace through prioritizing self-care, supporting financial well-being, and focusing on charitable giving…