Building Resilience in Uncertain Times Series

Weekly Livecast Recap

While we may all be isolated, we are not alone. Every week, Aduro’s Human Performance coaches will lead live video discussions on building resilience in uncertain times. We’ll also discuss the importance of building a community to help us navigate through this new, fluctuating world we are living in.

This webcast will provide a safe space to discuss the current issues every person is experiencing as both an employee and a human. Learn how to balance the pressures of working from home, finances, social distancing, and mental health in these weekly live and open coaching discussions. Check here for a recap and links to the recordings for this “Building Resilience in Uncertain Times” series.

Enhancing Your Self-Care – Thursday, June 4th

The events of the last few months, and specifically the last week have left many of us feeling utterly overwhelmed and completely helpless. How do we sort through the emotions we are going through right now and use them to help others and ourselves grow? How do we take care of ourselves while focusing on the important work that needs to be done?

Coaches Molly and Amy help us through the raw emotions we are all unpacking right now. They focus on the actions we can take in order to start the self-work needed to help others. Learn how to show up and listen for those hurting most right now and how to have a lasting impact in the world, by starting with yourself.

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Creating a Prosperous Mindset – Thursday, May 28th

“Sometimes we need life to shake us to realize some things need to change, giving us the ability to think about what we could do differently to live our best lives”. What does having a prosperous mindset mean, and why is it important to be intentional about creating one? Prosperity is not just about living a financially fulfilled life, it can be applied to all areas – it is a mindset of possibility.

Coaches Karl and Molly walk us through moving our mindsets from one of scarcity to prosperity and the awareness needed to move us forward. This week focuses on how we can adjust our entire outlook, especially during these incredibly difficult times we are facing.

Releasing Self-Judgement – Thursday, May 21st

During a time of so much stress and uncertainty, it can feel like the goals we had put in place for ourselves are no longer attainable or able to be the focus of our attention. We can feel like we aren’t being generous enough, a good enough parent, a supportive enough community member….the list goes on.

In a vulnerable and relatable session, Coaches Molly and Yana take us through the feelings of judgement and pressures we place upon ourselves to be “enough”. Yana guides a practice that releases the judgements we place upon ourselves. These judgments ultimately hold us back from being present and fully engaged in our lives. Learn to focus on what is important right now. Imagine- what would be possible if we were able to quiet the negative self talk?

Planning for the Unexpected – Thursday, May 14th

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Do you find yourself frustrated and unable to move forward when life doesn’t go as planned? Coaches Molly and Elyse work through the ability to be flexible with our plans, while maintain a sense of control and success no matter the circumstances.

Coach Elyse discusses her experience as a military spouse, and relates to the difficulties of having to adjust your plans at a moment’s notice . She focuses on the beauty you will discover in opening yourself to all the other possibilities that will come through the failure of “Plan A”.

Mother’s Day Special – Thursday, May 7th

In this Mother’s Day Special, Coaches Molly and Jennifer have a conversation on the joys and challenges of motherhood in general and how it is different during this time.

Their open and vulnerable conversation, touches on the expectations mother’s put on themselves and the challenges to keep up with trying to wear too many hats at once. They touch on rethinking how we compare ourselves to other’s and how to find joy in the small moments.

Strength Through Vulnerability – Thursday, April 30th

Do you have trouble opening up to those around you? Do you feel the pressure to be positive and upbeat or feel guilty if you are frustrated or upset during this time? How do we know when or who to be honest and vulnerable with?

Coaches Molly and Atalie walk us through toxic positivity, and the challenges we all face to be our authentic selves. They discuss the roadblocks we all face to gaining deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around us, and focus on tangible practices to breaking through these barriers.

Creating Intention and Purpose – Thursday, April 23rd

What does it mean to be intentional during this time? How do adaptiblity and purpose work together? What can we really control?

Molly and Coach Erika help us reflect on our deepest values, focus on our present feelings, and learn how to set healthy boundaries around expectations that we tend to put on ourselves.

Emotional Volatility – Thursday, April 16th

We’ve all been navigating uncertainty and feeling intense emotional swings from day to day or hour to hour. We don’t have a secure sense of what tomorrow will bring, which can cause us to feel that we can’t make sense, plan or create meaning out of what will happen next.

Coaches Molly and Janssen teach us how to name our emotions and focus on what we can control during difficult times. Do you feel ashamed, scared or anxious? Learn why our negative emotions are not inherently bad and how to use them as a catalyst for growth and resilience.

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