Return to Work, Now What? Live-cast with Sean Bell and Josh Templeton

Companies and their leaders are actively navigating an unprecedented, global health and economic challenge with no playbook.

During the May 6, 2020 live-cast, Sean Bell and Josh Templeton discuss how organizations are tackling their Return-to-Work initiatives. They reviewed the most important considerations to keep in mind in order to keep people safe both physically and emotionally during this time.

One of the most important points Bell discusses, is the idea that the world will not be the same upon returning to work and it is our job as employer’s to reintroduce people to their new normal. They touch on the necessity of building resiliency as a culture and adapting our programs and systems to truly support the individual.

Bell and Templeton take us through Aduro’s Five Stage Work Readiness ModelTM and the reality that this will be a process with give and take without any “quick-fix” solutions. With this Bell touches on the fact that we have to make complex solutions and processes as tangible and simple for our returning employees as possible, or risk becoming a hot-spot for infection.

The reality is that we have to change the way we think about wellness and company healthcare solutions. There can no longer be a divide between the mental and physical health offerings we give to our employees. We have to bring back these solutions into a cohesive place that allows for simplicity and cohesion.

We have to get ahead of the collective anxiety that every employee will be facing upon returning and prepare for the social backlash that will seep into the workplace. We have to prepare for new challenges that employees will face and the stressors that were not there before.

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