Highlights from Conference Board’s 2019 Employee Health Care Conference in San Diego

How do you create a cultural shift that drives individual performance along with organizational productivity and inclusion – all while being in one of the most unhealthy, diverse environments in the country?  That’s the challenge that faced DeAnna Hall, head of Corporate Health and Wellness at Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities when she committed to creating a thriving well-being and safety-first culture. Hall appeared in front of a packed room with Aduro V.P. of Marketing, Matthew Duncan, for an engaging discussion and to share her insight.

Be Great At Anything – Turning Vision into Reality

One of the most talked-about events at the Conference Board’s Employee Health Care Conference in San Diego happened outside of the speaking halls –as Aduro hosted a live art exhibit featuring internationally renowned artist and designer Ferran Torras.

Using individual submissions answering the question: ”What do you want to be great at?”, Torras created a visual definition of what is possible when personal perceived limitations are put aside, and space is created to dream big.

The submissions from conference-goers not only varied widely but sparked inspiring conversations. We heard from people who wanted to be great at cooking, being a grandma, keeping an open mind, being a confident speaker and even dog training! Their goals made it on to Torras’s live art expression, as attendees got the chance to witness their dreams come to life right before their eyes.

Watch the time-lapse video showing how he transformed a blank canvas into a lasting visual expression that connected with attendees’ vision and goals.

An Unforgettable Culinary Experience

It was an event those in attendance won’t soon forget, as ADURO hosted an exclusive chef’s table experience by Chef Brian Redzikowski  at the famed Kettner Exchange restaurant. Known for his progressive American cuisine, Redzikowski has competed in Iron Chef America.

Chef Redzikowski charmed dinner attendees with his thoughtful approach to the six courses he served, which included A5 Wagyu Tataki, Bluefin Toro and Alaskan King Crab Tempura (to name a few) along with perfect wine pairing for each course.

Three common themes seen by Aduro at the Conference Board’s Employee Health Care Conference.

As demands rise to develop a healthy, productive workforce, it’s becoming more important than ever for employers to bring innovative, inclusive and culturally supportive health benefits to their population. HR leaders are getting ever more savvy in what they’re offering employees in the form of health related benefits. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the division between work and personal life is quickly disappearing, and employee’s work/life satisfaction is becoming a priority for employers.

The topic was on display at the Conference Board’s Employee Health Care Conference in San Diego. ADURO was on the ground at the Conference, sharing and innovating with human resource leaders from across the country. These conversations reflected the fact that with an increasingly diverse employee base comes a need for robust, connected well-being programs that take into consideration the whole person.

The Aduro team reported back some of the top trends they saw at the conference.

Bringing mental health to the forefront

Gone are the days when mental health issues were hushed, and resources hidden inside an EAP program that employees never checked out. Mental health conditions cost employers more than $100 billion, and 217 million lost workdays each year, and employers are quickly recognizing the very real connection between an individual’s mental health, their personal satisfaction, and how that translates into company productivity.

Today’s employers realize that they have the opportunity to change the climate of fear, making the workplace more transparent about mental illnesses. More and more organizations are stepping in, providing resources and an open environment to freely discuss mental health concerns.

Whether it’s through virtual counseling services, resiliency training as part of ongoing development or a meditation app, employers see the value in these investments and are taking the mental health conversation out of the shadows.

When it comes to well-being, address the whole person

Something the Aduro team heard loud and clear when it comes to well-being programs; “Stop focusing only on the physical health of my employees and consider the whole person.”

Employers know the interconnectedness of every aspect of an individual’s life and how they translate to physical well-being.

Comprehensive well-being programs focus on the many aspects of an employee’s health. These are typically categorized as: physical health, mental/emotional health, financial health, social/community health and personal growth and development.

An effective well-being program addresses the employee holistically and provides resources for each employee to begin where they are, giving them the opportunity to improve their overall health.

Using technology to combat diversity

As more organizations are intentionally creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, HR leaders face an even greater challenge to find ways to get employees to engage. Technology is now playing an important role in connecting with a fragmented team.

Engaged workers are involved in and enthusiastic about their work and how they are treated by their employers. Gallup reports that almost 51% of US workers are “not engaged.” These employees tend to do the minimum of what’s required. Gallup describes them as “Checked Out.”

In the world of benefits, engagement strategies rely heavily on communication. When you’re trying to reach people in the c-suite and the mail room, and everyone in between – you need a plan as diverse as the workforce itself. The foundation to the communication plan lies ease of use – a reduction of barriers to participation. The use of targeted messages via email, sms messaging and other digital communication platforms ensures the appropriate message reaches the right person at the right time.