The Effects Exercise has on Brain Health

Do you ever wonder how exercise effects your brain?

Research shows that exercise and movement go far beyond just the physical benefits, but also support emotional well-being. During exercise, the body pumps more blood and oxygen to the brain. Through breathing more deeply, the body feels more relaxed. There are also lots of feel-good chemicals released, including dopamine and endorphins. Even a few minutes can give a substantial mood boost. 

Immediately after exercise, people make better decisions and short-term memory improves. Those effects can last up to a couple of hours. 

Longer-term effects include better sleep, especially if you’re getting outside in the sunlight. There’s even research showing that physical exercise is beneficial for maintaining brain health and cognitive function – even lowering the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Exercise can give your brain a boost so you can focus, achieve, and feel good – all in minutes a day! 

June 2021 – Hot Topic – Movement and Your Brain

Your brain is incredible. It directs your thoughts and memories, integrates new information, and helps you decide what’s for lunch. Many of us are looking for ways to give our brains an edge so we can focus longer and feel our best.

In this month’s Hot Topic, Human Performance Coach and Mentor, Molly, welcomes exercise physiologist Maia Kurnik. Together they explore how a few minutes of movement today can have immediate and long-lasting effects on your memory, mood, and mental health.

Use movement as a mood and focus booster. Going on a quick walk, even some gentle stretching, or stepping away from your desk for a few minutes can reset your mindset and help you refocus. 

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