A Series on Leading With Humanity

Being a great leader in any situation, including COVID-19

There is no playbook for the unprecedented times we are currently living in or how to lead through them, but we can learn together. Dr. Toni Best and Christine McHugh will guide professionals through thoughtful questions, anecdotes, and practical tips to lead with humanity in any situation, including COVID-19.

In this series dedicated to supporting people leaders, Dr. Best and Christine use their personal experiences and expertise to address relevant issues and give valuable advice on how to navigate 2020 circumstances.

Racial Tension and Our Role as Leaders – Tuesday, June 9th

It has been a week of education and rallying around the necessary conversations about race for all our leaders and employees. In order to change the world we live in, you have to be prepared for these conversations and the way your teams may react to them.

In this week’s live cast, Toni and Christine welcome Bernardo Ruiz from Racing to Equity to start the important conversation around systematic racism and our role to discuss it as leaders. They focus on the history of racial inequities in our country, and create an understanding of the systems set in place in order for leaders to know where to start in changing our cultures.

Re-visiting Self-Care: How to Support Others – Tuesday, June 2nd

Leaders are experiencing these difficult times alongside their employees. How do we make sure we are taking care of ourselves and our people through these difficult situations? The amount of information we are receiving and the pressure to fix so many issues can feel overwhelming and insurmountable. While it can feel like there are too many challenges to face, the small actions to care for ourselves and to stand up for others can create change.

Toni and Christine walk us through the small steps to focus on and encourage us to be flexible while going through the journey of self-care. They discuss focusing on the simple things and what we really need versus what we feel like we should be doing.

Virtual Meetings and Zoom Fatigue – Tuesday, May 26th

Everything is changing, including how meetings are ran. It is more important than ever to be connected, but with the addition of virtual meetings to try and stay in communication, employees are burning out. How do we strike a balance between staying engaged and meeting overload?

Christine and Toni dive into the realities they have seen of “zoom fatigue” and the factors that play in to employee meeting burn out. Learn to evaluate the necessity of meetings and implement unique meeting policies to ensure that teams are connected but have the space to flourish.

Recognition – Tuesday, May 18th

During times like these, it is easy to miss those small interactions we had with our teams every day. Recognition is an important aspect in keeping productivity alive and helping your team feel connected and excited about their work, and it is a leadership principle that often gets overlooked.

This week, Toni and Christine talk about their personal realizations on the importance of employee recognition and how they themselves feel recognized. They walk us through making sure to praise both “rockstars” and “superstars”, how to make recognition impactful, and ways to show appreciation outside of a monetary bonus.

Productivity, Work Quality, and Performance Conversations – Tuesday, May 13th

Companies have started recognizing the need for a long term strategy in response to the new “normal” of managing a dispersed workforce. With employee bandwidth changing due to new obligations, leaders have to adjust productivity and performance expectations.

Toni and Christine discuss a few key topics this week including: how your leadership is affecting team dynamics, considering individual circumstances in performance expectations, clear communication surrounding goals, and management coaching and support.

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Mental and Emotional Well-being in the Workplace – Tuesday, May 5th

This week, Amy Holan, Aduro’s Behavioral Health Coach, joins Christine to discuss the challenges of mental and emotional well-being in the workplace. Focused on taking care of yourself as a leader, Amy dives deeper into the meaning of self-care. Why do we find it difficult to make time for ourselves? What does taking care of ourselves really mean?

Amy discusses the six realms of self-care and the signs that we need to focus on it. She leaves us with tangible resources for being our best selves and recognizing our innate resilience.

Managing a Dispersed Workforce – Tuesday, April 28th

This week, Toni and Christine tackle managing a dispersed workforce and working from home. How do we, as leaders, set expectations and drive productivity, all while acknowledging the very real and individualized struggles each person is facing?

Learn how to ask the right questions and keep your people engaged and flourishing, especially during times like these. Toni and Christine describe how to stay connected, while still having boundaries, and truly personalizing their leadership to fit not just company objectives, but individual needs.

Leader Communication – Tuesday, April 21st

Communication as a leader is important all of the time, but times like these bring to light the absolute necessity of being a practiced and efficient communicator. Poor communication during times of uncertainty can cause distractions and stress on productivity.

Learn the four key steps to great communication during crisis, and how to be authentic and present in communication, while Toni and Christine touch on vulnerability in leadership.

What it Means to be a Great Leader Right Now – Tuesday, April 14th

In the first week of Reigniting Humanity with Leadership, Toni and Christine tackle the standards of leading through any situation. They discuss the importance of leading with flexibility, and focusing on being exceedingly human.

Learn how to guide people with a clear vision, factual communication, and empathy. Through their own experiences, they discuss tactical exercises to check in on your team with and how to set standards that work toward success during times like these.

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