Guided Meditation with Coach Janssen

Life can be full of change, and one way to be more resilient with the ups and downs is a moment to breathe deep and be still.  Click the video below for a guided meditation with one of Aduro’s Human Performance coaches.

Mindful Moments offer you an opportunity to pause at any time throughout the day or night and practice being present. These guided practices, led by expert coaches, give you a chance to take a few minutes to begin your mindfulness journey or enhance your practice! Click on “practices” to see what is available, check out something new, or re-watch your favorites.  

Grounding is a mindfulness exercise that you can do any time to clear your mind and build resilience. Taking even one minute out of your day for mindfulness practice offers a ton of benefits! Listen and practice grounding with Coach Janssen. 

Provide Mental Health Support to your Employees

Aduro’s Integrated Mental Health Solutions utilizes a holistic approach to support the mental health and well-being of your employees. The guided meditation above is just one short example of how our services can provide space for relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety.

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