Working From Home Wisely with Coaches Molly & Elyse

Many employees have now made the transition from working at an office to working from home. It’s not always easy to stay focused, however, as you might be sharing your space with a partner, children or pets. You might also feel thrown from your normal routine, making it hard to get your bearings.

How can you make the most out of working from home?

Aduro coach Elyse Druhm advises you to maintain as much normalcy as possible. If you typically exercised in the morning before your work day, continue to do so. It might look a little different now than it did before, but it’s still possible. You could go for a jog, work out in your garage or do yoga in your living room, for example. You might even adopt a healthy new habit — like starting your day with a meditation.

Additionally, try to keep your normal work hours. That can help to prevent working from home from becoming a situation where you just work all the time.

To help create that sense of separation between work and home life, you might designate a specific area of your home as your workspace. Maybe you move a desk into your room or spare bedroom. Alternatively, you can simply set up a workspace at your dining room table. Working at the same place every day can help create a sense of structure — and allow you to walk away from that space when the work day is over.

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