Aduro’s 5-phase Work Readiness Model™

The industry needs a definitive model and guide to help people safely return to work. So we did just that. 

Aduro has delivered a 5-phase model the supports mid-size and enterprise organizations prepare to move from states of “not ready” to high employee performance — which businesses will need to thrive again despite ongoing economic uncertainty.

Aduro’s 5-phase Work Readiness Model™ maps out each stage and offers guidance on when a company is ready to build to more productive stages of operation, safely and effectively. The stages:

  • Not ready — Minimally-viable productively using a mix of essential workers and work from home. 
  • Safe — Ensure physical health and safety by setting a protocol for “return to work” clearance that includes temperature and health screenings.
  • Well — Ensure mental well-being and psychological safety through the provision and tracking of mental and emotional health programs.
  • Engaged — A renewed focus on mindset & resilience, purpose & contribution, and relationships & community.
  • Kinetic Performance™ — A sustainable approach to unlocking Human Performance through holistic well-being and growth.

To learn more, attend our webinar on May 6  at 9:30 a.m. PST/12:30 p.m. EST for a live discussion on how companies and their leaders can safely navigate these unprecedented economic and health challenges — register here.

Also, check out our Interactive Work Readiness Handbook to see how your current plans match up to other companies.