Aduro Coaching is Based in Resilience and Flourishing

Our employee coaching programs, which include resilience Paths and Practices, are designed to strengthen resilience in the workplace. At Aduro, we support individuals in the 6 aspects of life – to help them flourish – with a foundation of supporting employee mental health. People who grow stronger in all of these areas tend to be better, happier, and more productive employees because they are better, happier, and more productive outside of work as well. We have to look at it from a whole-person, whole-life perspective. We can no longer separate different parts of our lives. It’s so integrated – we believe that is how we must approach our resilience as well.

You Can do More to Prevent Burnout at Your Organization

When you work with us to help your employees become more resilient, you can simultaneously make your organization more resilient.

Hear a clip (or read the transcript below) from our webinar, Your Employees are Ready to Burnout, and dive into how our Human Performance Coaching and Paths can support a more resilient workforce at your organization. 

Speakers: Dr. Toni Best, Chief Human Performance Officer; KayCee Perron, Director of People; Yana Engle, Health and Human Performance Coach

Let’s go on a digital-to-human journey to a more resilient workforce

We use coaching and digital solutions to help people start to uncover their resilience, a skill that applies to all aspects of Human Performance.

Every single Path that we have is truly rooted in resilience and habit transformation, regardless of if somebody is working through weight-loss or stress management. Resilience in itself touches every branch of our content. This really goes back to the individual and finding what truly matters to them, which we believe leads to greater habit and behavior change. When we think about the past practices and habits that are available, these aren’t just elements of content scrapped from different resources throughout the industry.

It is content developed by those who work with an individual day-in and day-out on habit transformation. Our Human Performance coaches and the content team actually source and write these materials and they are incredibly aligned with our transformative habit change methodology.

When we think specifically about resilience or change resilience, this is the journey and the experience of developing self-awareness and exploring emotions. That includes supporting those emotions through tools and resources, then shaping and developing habits that support an individual even after the Path is complete – working through a communication or difficult conversations. So, when we think about the user journey, we want to provide an opportunity for every participant, regardless of what you’re working toward, to deeply explore what matters to you or what matters to them. Every element of content is built around bringing a participant through this experience – discovering opportunity, engaging in relevant material, connecting to value, and ultimately implementing tiny little practices that lead to longer-term sustainable and real change.

Supporting the Individual

For participants to look to support and stretch their resilience muscles, what are the popular Paths in the Aduro app that participants are utilizing in order to get what they need specifically?

On the individual side, our one-to-one conversations are led by what each participant needs.

In one way or another, all of our programs through the Aduro app really tie into the concept of resilience, but the ones that are specifically centered around resilience include: Change Resilience, Intro to Mindfulness, Live Empowered, and Change Your Habits.

All four of these programs specifically focused on the topic of resilience are some of the top chosen programs by our participants. What’s really great about Aduro Connect is that it’s actually built to be your personal digital companion. It has different resources available to support your individual goals with many different modalities depending on how you learn. Best of all, it’s available to you 24/7 and really allows for flexibility in your routine.

Our Human Performance coaching taps into an individual’s intrinsic motivation and helps them identify their limiting beliefs that are holding them back from reaching their goals. It helps the participant to discover their ‘why.’ The funny thing is, people know what they should do: they should lose weight, they should stop smoking, they should exercise more, they should get up earlier, but they may not have actually stopped to think about what really matters most to them and why it matters. Inevitably, when we ask people “what matters most to you” or “what it is you really want for yourself,” there is a long pause. We hear something like “no one has ever asked me that before” or “wow, I haven’t thought about that in a really long time“ and that is the key to discovering their deepest values, goals, desires, and what is truly important.

We Call it the Ignite Moment

This is what drives action and produces results that matter to the individual. It goes deeper than just teaching them something or giving them a plan. It taps into that inner fire.

One-on-one Coaching

Starting out, I just want to point out that no one schedules an appointment to work on their resilience. Building resilience requires buy-in. It requires being vulnerable and being open to possibility. It requires having a lot of those really uncomfortable conversations in which you’re exploring thoughts and emotions that usually go unexplored.

So, an exercise that we use often in coaching, and I really like to start off my sessions with, is a visualization exercise. It’s intended to create leverage around our ‘why.’ What we have participants do is envision what life would look like five-to-ten years from now if nothing changed. I was recently working with a client, and she shared diabetes is prevalent in her family. As she was going through this exercise, she was envisioning five-to-ten years down the road a life where maybe she was diabetic, maybe she wasn’t able to move around and engage with her kids, and really didn’t feel confident in herself and her body. From this exercise, she identified that her values of family health, self-love, and acceptance are really her reasons why change is essential to her, and ‘not changing’ is just not an option.

The participant really connected to her own personal values and was able to then translate that into goals and have her goals drive that action and the process for results.

To watch the full webinar, click here: Your Employees are Ready to Burnout.

So, do you know what really causes burnout at your organization?