Healthy Screen Time Tips for Kids

Every month, Aduro’s Content and Media Labs team produce a Hot Topic podcast. This is a sample of what our members experience through their well-being program. Aduro creates interactive digital content for our members that resonates, motivates, and engages them towards making impactful positive change in their lives.

February 2021 – Hot Topics – Healthy Screen Time for Kids

What is healthy screen time? In the winter months, and isolation due to COVID-19 means more time indoors, and more time than ever behind screens for work, school, connection, and entertainment. This month’s edition of Hot Topic explains the impact of screen time on the health and relationships for children, and how to help them create healthy boundaries at any age.

Our return-guest speaker, Jeannie Sprague, is on a mission to raise awareness of the impact screens are having on our overall health – and the health and well-being of our kids. Through her work, she and her organization,, is helping families everywhere develop a healthier relationship with technology.

These days, it seems – screens are virtually everywhere in our lives. When it comes to limiting our kids’ time in front of a screen – it can be one of the most challenging things parents face. And to make it even more complicated – some screen time right now is required for education. Watch the full interview with Jeannie below to learn the negative aspects of too much screen time and some resources for changing up some unwanted habits we may have developed over the past year.

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Take-aways from this month’s session:

  • Tech guidelines are not one size fits all – especially when our kids are schooling from home and socially isolated.
  • We need to get real with our kids about the dangers that exist online.
  • Having healthy screen boundaries for our kids can help them navigate this digital world.

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