Healthy Screen Time Tips in the New Year

Every month, Aduro’s Content and Media Labs team produce a Hot Topic podcast. This and other content is a sample of what our members experience through their well-being program. Aduro creates interactive digital content for our members that resonates, motivates, and engages them towards making impactful positive change in their lives.

January 2021 – Hot Topic – Healthy Screen Time (Part 1)

These days, you’re on zoom calls all day staring at your laptop, then spend your evenings watching TV while scrolling on social media. It can’t be good for us!

The world is changing. We are seeing shifts in how we work, connect, and even how our kids learn at school. So many aspects of our lives are shifting and becoming more digital. Which means a lot more time is spent looking at a screen.

January’s Hot Topic guest, Jeannie Sprague, is on a mission to raise awareness of the impact screens are having on our overall health. Through her work, she and her organization, is helping families everywhere develop healthier screen habits.  She is also a mother of four – so she can speak from real experience.

Download the Family Technology Plan Workbook

Download the Workbook

Biggest take aways from January’s Hot Topic session:

  • The time we spend behind screens is impacting our well-being and connection with others
  • We need to pay attention to the important things screens might be replacing
  • Healthy screen time is possible – with boundaries
  • Screens aren’t going anywhere, but there are steps you can take to create a more digitally balanced life

Now – setting some boundaries and healthy screen habits for yourself is one thing – but what about for your kids? That’s a whole other ball game, and great news – Jeannie is going to be here next month for the second part of this special Hot Topic Series – Healthy Screen Time – how can you create great screen habits for the little ones in your life! Listen to February’s Hot Topic, Healthy Screen Time for Your Kids.

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