Building resilience in the workplace during COVID-19

working from home with family


All of us at Aduro are coming together, inspired to lead in areas where we have expertise. Indeed, as experts who sit at the intersection of well-being and performance, we feel a responsibility to offer resources and support in one of the most impacted areas: the workplace. 

We will be providing resources to help HR leadership manage the heightened anxiety and transition to remote work—best practices to maintain productivity and, most importantly, maximize individual well-being.

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Join one of the fastest-growing resources on LinkedIn for individuals that are dedicated to building resilience in the workplace by improving employee well-being – Human Resources Connect: Maintaining Workplace Well-Being During COVID-19. This group is a safe space to ask questions, share stories and discuss current challenges.


Resilience is the balance of two different skills: adaptability and fortitude. We develop these skills throughout our lives as we face and overcome small and big challenges. When we’re up against change, uncertainty, and stress, resilience is the key to navigate life and emerge with more happiness and satisfaction.

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Building Resiliency in the Workplace During COVID-19

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